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One goal: to include the excluded

The Saham Foundation is convinced that social inclusion constitutes a strategic growth opportunity for Africa.
Indeed, a society founded on inclusion is based on mutual respect and solidarity, but also on the guarantee of equal opportunities and decent living conditions for all. The Saham Foundation modestly seeks to make its contribution to build a society that is at the same time more egalitarian, inclusive, innovative, sustainable and resilient.

Thus, the Saham Foundation has set up a social action program likely to meet the following objectives :

By acting on these different levers of integration, the Saham Foundation helps lay the foundations for a new form of inclusive growth that will benefit the most vulnerable populations of the African continent.


Target populations

In order to deploy an effective action towards those who need it most, the Saham Foundation has identified several profiles of target populations:

Geographic coverage

The Saham Foundation focuses its efforts on the most disadvantaged populations by devoting its social actions in rural and urban areas, in Morocco and in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rural areas Morocco

Urban / peri-urban areas Morocco

Sub-Saharan Africa

Means: the constant search for innovation

Innovate to provide new, effective and sustainable social solutions that create social inclusion.

The Saham Foundation works for social innovation in order to provide a response to the social exclusion of the most deprived populations in Morocco and Africa. Faced with the scale of the societal challenges to be resolved, the Saham Foundation must demonstrate a great spirit of innovation. Launching innovation initiatives to develop lasting solutions to social issues, this is the approach of the Saham Foundation. By imagining, modeling and helping to fund social innovations to transform society, the Saham Foundation is helping to improve the daily living conditions of our societies.